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Contract Sales

Our senior staff represents over 200 years of Fire Protection experience to best address your concerns of appropriate protection, cost consequences, insurance compliance, high pile storage and alternative concepts.

To request a quotation or for contract sales information please email jmcfire@jmcfire.com  or call (323) 258-8300 and ask the operator to direct you to the contract sales staff.


We have specially trained (ie. NFPA 13, 20, 25 and NICET) technicians to maintain the optimum performance of your fire protection system. We offer periodic service agreements (Per NFPA 25 requirements) to supplement your engineering staff in the maintenance of your fire protection equipment including fire pumps, diesel engines, fire pump controllers, sprinkler systems and site equipment on a regular schedule. We also offer a broad range of less frequent inspections to help you comply with the requirements of local fire, building & safety departments and insurance companies, such as annual inspections and 5 year (L. A. City Reg. 4 and Title 19) inspections.

Our Service department specializes in all types of inspections, maintenance, repairs and small jobs, including tenant improvements.

To request a quotation or for one of our services please email bl@jmcfire.com  or call Bryan Lamb at (323) 258-8300 Ext. 258. If you would like to use our online form to submit a request for quotation, please click here .

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